1:1 Holistic Guidance

8 Weeks Guidance Program.

Holistic Guidance is a beautiful and new form of mentoring.

It is a deep dive and yet easy and fun.

Deep transformation included and higher frequencies an outcome.

Meditation, journaling, visualization & subconscious work are your medicine.

If taken the right dosage, magic is inevitable.

Energy recalibration and big smiles are simply side effects.

Physical, mental, emotional and spiritual growth inducing. 

Holistic Guidance opens the path to your highest self and the feeling of connectedness.

You become who you truly are. You become who you are meant to be.

Follow your path into the life that is calling you.

Awakening is happening. There is no going back. 

Is your heart whispering? Can you hear it calling?

Are you ready to embrace pure love, tickling magic, incredible potential,

true fulfilment, feelings of abundance, your highest expression, your soul’s journey?

It is your life purpose that is waiting for you! 

Are you listening and following the call?

Price: 3333 €

Not sure if it’s for you? Feel free to contact me any time hello@carinajung.com

Payment plans are available. The program is available in German & English.

Go deep, realign with your soul, reconnect with your purpose.


Transform your life.


Let’s visualize, belief dig, manifest, breathe, discover & play.