Theta Healing®

If everything would be transformable, how would your life look like?

Let us transcend a mindset, mentality, belief, desire, emotion, behavior, feeling, or vibration that no longer serves you.

We’ll go deep into the subconscious to allow for transformation, creating a completely new experience of your reality.  

By the age of seven, we have absorbed most of our subconscious programming and what we could call some of our maladaptive coping mechanisms. 

Our lives are like a detailed blueprint of what we believe to be possible for ourselves.

Which is mind-blowing to say, since 95% of our thoughts and behaviours are accounted to be the product of our subconscious.

Only 5% of our time, we are consciously steering our lives with our conscious mind.

Our subconscious is made up of our deep-rooted believes that we mostly attain throughout childhood, past lives & genetic patterning.

It’s possible to use kinesiology to test the believes we are holding onto & create powerful changes through awareness.

We can let go of limiting beliefs, to rewire our subconscious, to heal, and embrace love & abundance.

Theta Healing® Session

If you want to know what is ingrained into your subconscious, you can simply take a look at your life. The areas in which you feel like you are struggling, things that simply appear as hard, parts that make you feel despair or bring up doubt, and situations that trigger you, are topics which we can work on in a Theta Healing Session.

In a Theta Healing session your subconscious is effectively and lastingly reprogrammed. Old beliefs and blocks are solved and replaced by supportive beliefs and downloaded feelings in the highest and best way. Through the transformed subconscious you allow for the creation of your new and wished for reality.

A Theta Healing session helps you to understand yourself better. You will start to understand your patterns and will realize the huge role your subconscious plays in your life. You’ll integrate inner peace, growth and lightness into your days.

 The sessions follow a meditation technique which uses the Theta-Brainwave, to read and reprogram your subconscious with ease. For Theta Healing to work, it does not matter if you are looking for transformation in the physical, mental, soul, or energetic realm. 

Theta Healing works on a cellular level and can bring about change in body, mind, and soul. A positive change in your life might be the side effect. 

Price: 111 €

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Sessions are available in German & English.

Who are you, when you are living in your highest truth?

Who are you beyond restricting beliefs, programs & behavioral patterns?

Are you ready to free yourself and live in lightness?

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